People in the Biomechanics and Phylogenetics Lab

Current Graduate Students and PostDocs

Andrew George- biomechanics of fin locomotion in triggerfishes and filefishes

Margaret Malone- ontogeny of feeding mechanics and behavior in fishes, UIC

Charlene McCord- phylogenetics, morphometrics and biomechanics of triggerfishes

Aaron Olsen- morphometrics, biomechanics and evolution of feeding in birds

Current and Recent Undergraduate Students

Lyda Harris- behavior and functional morphology of feeding in lionfishes

Marianne Seneczko- biomechanics of bite force in round gobies and piranhas

Theresa Tatum-Naecker- fish biogeography and sand-diving behavior

Hannah Weller- biomechanics and evolution in emperorfishes

Past Grad Students, Postdocs, Staff

Mike Alfaro- phylogenetics and biomechanics of fishes and snakes

Rick Blob- biomechanics and neural control of turtle locomotion

Jim Cooper- damselfish phylogeny and jaw mechanisms

Torsten Dikow- Biodiversity and evolution of ants, EOL postdoc

Joshus Drew- biodiversity and conservation of reef fishes

Jennifer Fessler- molecular phylogenetics of butterflyfishes and angelfishes

Justin Grubich- biomechanics and functional morphology of fish feeding

Jillian Henss- molecular phylogenetics of reef fishes

Jeff Janovetz- feeding mechanisms of piranhas and pacus

Joanna Mandecki- coordination of vision and pectoral fin locomotion in fishes

Aaron Rice- coordination of locomotor and cranial function during feeding

Lisa Rosenberger- biomechanics of locomotion in stingrays

Brian Sidlauskas- phylogenetics and morphometrics in neotropical fishes

Lydia Smith- molecular phylogenetics of reef fishes

Jake Socha- flying snakes and insect x-ray imaging

Tristan Stayton- morphometrics and biomechanics of lizard skulls

Jeff Walker- biomechanics of pectoral fin locomotion

Brad Wright- biomechanics of fin locomotion in triggerfishes